Akbar’s Attock


It is said that the Attock was named by Akbar The Great . Events and scenes became the reasons to him for naming the places, a beautiful scenery of a village made him saying Wah the place was named Wah. When he stayed longer than usual at the bank of river Indus the place was called Attock. And when he crossed the river safely the town on other end was said Khair Abad. 

There is another story of it too . Akbar learned a lot from his predecessor Sher Shah. Many tasks that Akbar had done were founded by Sher Shah. Sher Shah’s kingdom spread from Bihar to Punjab. On one end of it, there was a fort Ruhtas in Bihar. On the other end of it  , Shair Shah built the second fort on the land of the Ghakkars in Punjab, and named it Ruhtas again. In the same way Akbar had a city Cuttack on the Eastern edge of his kingdom.  Cuttack is the former capital and the second largest city in the eastern Indian state of Odisha. The name of the city is an anglicised form of Katak which literally means The Fort, Akbar built a fort here on the bank of Indus and named as Attock.

 Broadcasters, researchers, writer and traveler Mr. Raza Ali Abidi also mentioned in his book ‘The Grand Trunk Road’ that Akbar brought sailors from Banaras ( a city in India currently known as Varanasi) to sail in the Great Indus. To gratify them he named this place Attock Banaras. 

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