Rainy Days 

    Over the years, severe rains rise in Attock.  Houses destroyed in some areas. Flood like situation in the canals and rivers. Some streets and roads also look like flooding.  Once Attock City was known as the cleanest city in the region. Especially after rain it looked like a washed pearl. But it was before the shopping bags were introduced.  مخدوم آغا جہانگیر بخاریhttp://www.voiceofattock.com    


The Storyteller 

    Welcome to voiceofattock, an informal website or blog whatever you considered it. As the name shouts a typical news or media platform but it’s not actually into those dimensions completely. Voice is not always a news, it changes itself to the subject it belong,when it’s from past it’s history to future it’s hope from surrounding it’s information, education and at some point it becomes knowledge.  And that’s the main idea for… مزید پڑھیں


Akbar’s Attock

    It is said that the Attock was named by Akbar The Great . Events and scenes became the reasons to him for naming the places, a beautiful scenery of a village made him saying Wah the place was named Wah. When he stayed longer than usual at the bank of river Indus the place was called Attock. And when he crossed the river safely the town on other end was… مزید پڑھیں